Categories of Employee Candidate Data Processed, and Purposes of Processing

Purposes of Processing

  • Hiring procedures and decision
    • a) Head-counting and recruiting planning
    • b) Selection of category of personnel to be employed
    • c) Possibility of temporary or interim employees
    • d) Evaluation of applicants
  • Evaluation of applicants 2. Staff-related administration:
    • a) Application of employment and labour law
    • b) Preparation of employment contract
    • c) Application of the Work Regulations
    • d) Filing requirement

The Purposes applicable to each category of Personal Data

Categories of Personal Data Purposes
Personal identification data: name, addresses, telephone numbers, passport number, etc. 2.a.
Age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, visa details, etc. 2.a., 2.b.,
Financial data: bank account numbers, insurance, revenue & income, etc. 1.a., 1.b.,
Personal characteristics: 1.b.,1.c.,
Family: marital status, cohabitation, spouse/partner name, children, parents, etc. 1.b., 1.c., 2.a., 2.b.,
Housing: Address, kind of housing, length of stay in housing 1.b., 2.b.
Health-related data: physical health, psychological health, risk-inducing behaviour & situations, treatment data. Records of sick leave, medical certificates or diagnosis, medical examinations and the results. 1.d., 2.a., 2.b.,
Education: studies curriculum, financial history of studies, qualifications, professional experience, publications, etc. 1.d., 2.a
Profession & employment: current employment, function, task description, recruitment data, data on end of employment, career data, salary, work management & organisation, security (passwords & passcodes, security level), data on use of computer resources, etc. 1.d., 2.a
National identification number & social security number 2.a., 2.b.,
Image recordings: photos, videos (e.g. CCTV) 1.d.
Other 1
Other 2