For more than 100 years of experience, Toppan has been actively working with governments and commercial organizations to provide high security products/services in 2 main product lines :
Crystagram (High security hologram) and RFID brand protection labels.

Crystagram (High Security Holograms)

Crystagram has been used to reinforce security level of Banknotes and Government ID documents against counterfeiters. By controlling nano-level diffractive structures in the origination, Crystagram optimizes its visual effects of brilliance and brightness.

Since its characterized as top-notch quality which is not accessible in commercial market, certain central banks and national printing houses place their trust in the Crystagram foils over decades.

Crystagram Clear (PC) for ID documents is featuring :

  • Visibility: High transparency and brilliance even after lamination process
  • Anti-counterfeit: High resolution achieved by E-beam technology
  • Compatibility: Flexible to various machines and PC substrates

Crystagram for banknotes : 3 security features :

  • Asterium is an optical element with a black appearance but has a glowing effect when tilted.
  • Jeweltone is the hologram that have 5 fixed colors with matte looking.
  • NanoEdge is zero tolerance de-metallization technology which perfectly aligns with hologram and metal..

RFID Brand Protection Labels

Cachet-Tag™ is a solution combining an anti-fraud label developed by Toppan coupled with an NFC chip, and integrated with a software platform accessible via its mobile application.

Cachet-Tag™ offers an easy way to authenticate a bottle. A label with an NFC chip is sealed on each bottle during bottling operations. A special anti-fraud technique will destroy the label in case of removal attempt.

A unique encrypted digital certificate is inserted into each Cachet-Tag™ label. A mobile app allows authentication of a bottle.

Mobile app facilitates customer engagement by an intuitive and easy reading of Cachet-Tag™ label. End-user can easily check the origin of a bottle, get information on the winery, get food pairing recommendations, participate to marketing campaigns or find nearest shop to buy the same bottle.


CorkTag™, an exhaustive solution combining an electronic sensor developed by Toppan coupled with an NFC chip.

CorkTag™ offers a strong protection against refilling or any other tentative to alter cork and bottle content integrity. A sensor is sealed between cork and capsule. Any attempt to remove capsule or cork, or even just piercing cork with a fine needle will be detected.

Each CorkTag™ contains a unique encrypted digital certificate. A mobile app allows authentication of a bottle and verification of cork integrity, so finally, of content integrity. Digital certificate is encrypted with algorithm similar to those used in e-passports.