Bringing advanced solutions to Europe to enrich lives and create value

Toppan was established in Tokyo in 1900 as a printing and packaging company. Over the years, Toppan has made constant progress in enhancing precision printing quality, which has enabled the company to transform beyond conventional printing to such businesses as décor materials, electronic components, security solutions, and high barrier film.

Today’s technologies are creating new domains in IT, the IoT, and AI, where Toppan’s advanced solutions can thrive to help transform conventional lifestyles into unprecedented futuristic forms based on digital technologies. Toppan’s extensive interaction with a wide range of markets, cultivated through the provision of printing services, is the perfect foundation for the digitally-enabled living of the future.

Toppan’s first European office was opened on Bond Street, London, in 1975, primarily to research the book printing market. Soon after its establishment, Toppan’s authentic printed wood grain décor paper also garnered significant attention in the high pressure laminate industry. This was the beginning of Toppan’s global décor materials business. Today, in addition to décor materials and book printing, Toppan provides high barrier film, packaging, semiconductor photomasks, security products, photo-imaging materials, and more in global markets. Toppan’s commitment to grow globally continues to strengthen with new technologies and products.