Driven by the market’s increasing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, we have taken steps over recent years to ensure Toppan is a leader in this field.

Environmental Accreditations

Responsible paper sourcing
Our factories have FSC chain of custody certification and we operate a management programme to reduce paper wastage.
Greener Production Certificate
We use better energy saving means.
Discharge Certificate
Approval to discharge treated waste water and VOC.
Hazardous Waste Disposal Certificate
Approval to disposal the industrial waste.
Environmental Surveillance Report
The testing of air quality and waste water to our plants.
The 13th 5-year Plan on Energy Conservation
A government requirement to plan and save energy in 5 years from 2015 to 2020.Solar panel installations contribute 15% of our factory’s total energy consumption.VOC emissions carefully controlled.
Saturating grade paper

Ethical accreditations

  • ISO 9001 (2019)
  • ISO 14001 (2019)
  • ICTI (2019)
  • SEDEX (2018)
  • KOHL’S (2017)
  • MARKS & SPENCER (2017)
  • FSC (2017)
  • PEFC (2017)
  • G7 (2017)
  • GSV (2018)
  • LEGO (2018)
  • NBCU (2018)
Ethical accreditations

The Book Chain Project

27 publishers have come together to create The Book Chain Project in response to changing chemical safety legislation. Examples of this legislation are the European Commission’s REACH and Toy Safety Directive, which contain stringent requirements on what chemicals can be brought into and used in Europe, and in what quantities.

The strategy behind The Book Chain Project is to create a database that captures information on the chemicals contained within a publisher’s books. The Book Chain Project database has been developed as a method of capturing information at each level of the printing process, and combining this information to develop a full Bill of Materials (BoM) for a book that can be shared amongst printers and publishers.

As a major supplier, it is Toppan's responsibility to supply information on the materials it uses. This requires a high level of co-operation with its own supply network to provide all the necessary documentation for major components such as ink, paper and glues, plus the wide range of non-standard novelty items used throughout our book manufacturing. This is challenging in itself due to the range of both large and small scale cross-industry suppliers that Toppan uses.

Toppan works closely with The Book Chain Project to ensure our products meet EU legislation. From 20 July 2011, publishers have had to show the make- up of all the components of children’s books they import and sell in Europe. Displaying joint responsibility to meet the new legislation, Toppan works with publishers to comply with this directive by helping trace and make available all the required component information and documentation.

To learn more about The Book Chain Project, please visit their website.

The Book Chain Project