Blueprint for the Future

Toppan leverages technological expertise and deep market knowledge to operate across a range of businesses.
Whatever we are doing, our goal is the same: To make your life richer, safer and more comfortable.

Décor Materials
The decorative products we produce generate the look and feel of wood, stone, textiles,and other natural materials. Our design team travels all over the world for inspiration and thisallows our designs to draw from global influences.

Security Solutions
Toppan’s solutions are used in documents requiring the highest security of all: passports and banknotes. The durability and counterfeit-resistance of our productsare trusted all over the world.

Book Printing
The Toppan name is synonymous with superior quality and
it’s with our assurance that every item to come off our press
has the Toppan stamp of excellence.

Barrier Films
Toppan's world renowned specialty films are used ina complete cross section of industries including foodand medical packaging and solar cell encapsulation.