Passport & ID Products

With the addition of Toppan Security Printing Singapore(formerly Singapore National Printing ) to theToppan family,we are now able to handle all stages of the ePassport production process, from

Passport & ID Products


For more than 15 years, Toppan has been developing sales of its highly regarded passport issuing systems together with high-security holographic laminates which are developed, originated and manufactured in-house. Our experience and success in both passport issuing and contactless smartcard manufacture recently led us into the eCover business where in a very short amount of time we have gained several references across the globe. Add to this our capability for manufacturing passport booklets in Toppan Security Printing in Singapore and it’s easy to see that we’ve got it all.


eCover bookletA FIME certified product, Toppan’s highly stable and durable eCover is quickly growing in customer acclaim and market share alike. With several references already, Toppan’s ability to combine experience from related fields to move easily into a new one is being recognised throughout the industry and indeed the world.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent Frequency Stability
    • The 2D nature of the etched antenna ensures that physical stress, such as lamination has no effect on frequency stability.
  • Cost-effective Productivity
    • High-capacity conventional etching equipment is used, giving higher productivity than other antenna manufacturing methods.
  • Unsurpassed Physical Durability
    • Toppan’s unique method for connecting module and antenna, coupled with the use of a module“protector” ensure unrivalled resistance to physical shocks and static electricity.
  • Reliability
    • Complying with all criteria specified by ISO and ICAO, our eCover has been tested thoroughly at Toppan Laboratory, and certified independently by FIME.

Booklet Production

passport bookletsToppan SecurityPrinting Singapore (TSP) has been supporting the production of the Singaporean ePassports for 5 years. By combining Toppan Printing’s advanced security printing technology with TSP’s state-of-the-art booklet production line, Toppan can take an integrated approach to supplying a total passport solution which meets the exact requirements of each customer.

Personalisation Systems

Data pageMore than 12 countries including the USA, New Zealand, the UAE , South Africa and Korea have adopted Toppan’s fully ICAO compliant passport issuing system. A combination of patented processes, ease of use and robustness of the machines sets our 600 dpi passport issuing system apart from our competitors. All processes, including IC chip encoding, are carried out inside the one machine, adding to both speed and security. Adoption of this system for the issuance of U.S.passports attests to the highly advanced level of our technological capabilities in this field. For more information on these machines, please visit the website of our partners, G.E.T.who will be happy to supply you with more information.

Passport Protection – Info Armour

Info armourGiven the propensity of technology boffins to try to break the secure keys of ePassport (and contactless card) ICs, Toppan has come up with a solution which will remove the risk of them succeeding. Info Armour is a paper shield which when placed next to the antenna (on top or below) will block the signal between a reader and the passport. Tested and certified by FIME, Toppan’s Info Armour is available as an insert, a sleeve oran envelope. We can also supply in a card format for use with contactless smartcards. Info Armour can be 4-colour printed.

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