Banknote Technology

With vast experience in supplying banknote components, our solutions have proven to survive the rigours of real life, not just laboratory tests.

Banknote Technology

Working closely with central banks, security printers and paper mills alike, our solutions literally 'fit the bill'.


Toppan’s OVDs have been adopted by several countries and have been incorporated into more than 12 billion banknotes in ciruclation to date . Because our existing customers use differing application equipment, Toppan has gained invaluable experience in supplying products which match their differing requirements. In addition, we are familiar with the individual characteristics of different types of banknote paper and polymer. Consequently, we know what type of adhesive will ensure a secure, burr-free result in terms of OVDs, and what type of medium will give the best result in terms of print quality when talking of security inks.

All of our features are tested against the durability standards set out by central banks from around the world, and in most cases our features surpass these requirements. In fact we have been selected over other suppliers specifically because our durability is unbeatable.



Toppan has been a pioneering force in hologram manufacture since 1975. By utilising technology we had already been using in semi-conductor manufacture, Toppan was one of the first security printers to use e-beams to create the hologram master shim. Since e-beams can write more than 1,000 fringe patterns per millimetre, it is possible to produce highly detailed, high resolution images in the master shim using this technique.

demet crystagram

More than 3 decades later, Toppan is still at the cutting edge of hologram manufacture and our range of Crystagrams has racked up numerous references, both for passport laminates and for currency.

Our Crystagrams are all available with micro and nano text and demonstrate a variety of effects such as the Pearlgram, Photocolour and Platinagram examples below.


S-White is a more recent development. This Crystagram is authenticated simply by rotating it through 90 degrees and checking for the positive / negative shift.



Awarded the prize for “Innovation in Holographic Technique 2010” by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association, the Asterium is a totally unique holographic product. When viewed straight on, the device is optically black, but when tilted at an angle, a brilliant image becomes clearly visible.


This unique technology can be combined with other Toppan technologies such as the demetalised Crystragram. We can also combine it with a colour-shifting film resulting in 2 levels of security and easy authentication in lighting environments.

This feature is recommended for use as either a thread or a stripe.

Asterium movie

(Movie courtesy of Rudolf van Renesse, Van Renesse Consulting)


Applied like a hologram using the same equipment, Nanorius has a colour and gloss shift effect which has been achieved through developments in nano-scale microscopic orientation.

nonarius_exampleThe feature is applied to banknote paper with the same equipment used to apply holograms, and unlike colour shift ink, micro-level text and images can be achieved.

For enhanced security, the design can be edged with a security pigment such as UV, the alignment of which would be impossible to recreate using printing.

Nanorius is available in stripe and patch formats.

The inset picture here, shows Nanorius under UV light


Jeweltone is a ground-breaking OVD using nano-level structural moulding technology. The effect is easy to explain and to see; a foil stripe incorporating several different pastel colours turns completely black and white when the note is tilted. As another option, the colours can be made to switch with other colours and / or patterns. Jewelone can be combined with Asterium to achieve the effect shown on the far right below. As the colours of Jeweltone disappear, the holographic effect of Asterium comes to life. Curently available as a foil stripe


Security Paper

Double-sided Demet Thread

Toppan's Double-sided Demet Thread is an embedded security thread, which like other security threads, can have images or text within its body. What differentiates this thread from standard products is the fact that different images and colours can be observed on either side of the thread. (See the picture below left; red hearts and diamonds on one side, blue spades on the other). Not only this, but when the thread is viewed in transmission, a third image becomes visible (see picture below right: grey clubs) as well as all four images in perfect registration. Furthermore, UV properties can be added to the third image so that a banknote is only authenticated when all 4 elements can be verified.

demet_thread1. Viewed from either side.
2. Viewed in transmission.
3. Viewed under UV.

Security Inks

As a printing company, we have an in-depth knowledge of ink. We even have an ink manufacturer within the Toppan family; Toyo Ink. However as a security printer, we need to combine this knowledge of ink with our expertise in security document substrates and develop solutions which meet the specialist needs of our customers. Our selection of banknote inks with covert features has been developed with durability in mind. Our line-up includes the following:

  • UV Inks
  • IR Inks (for offset printing)
  • Intaglio Inks
  • Colour Shift Inks

Our inks have been tested by several central banks and meet with durability requirements.

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