Anti-counterfeit Technology

The counterfeiting of security documents, branded goods and electrical and audio parts is becoming more and more prolific. Different industries require different solutions, and Toppan’s range of

Anti-counterfeit Technology

Toppan’s anti-counterfeit solutions are developed around 4 main principles;

  1. High Security: they must be as difficult as possible to forge or simulate.
  2. Easy visual judgement: in most cases, you should be able to verify the document without the need for special equipment.
  3. Verification with a simple tool: as a next level, a covert element should be included.
  4. Re-labelling or repacking prevention: it should be possible to detect when a anti-counterfeit solution has been tampered with.

Toppan’s solutions tend to be customised to suit the needs of the customer and the item onto which they are to be applied, but here are a few products to give you an idea of what we can offer.

Anti-counterfeit labels

Toppan can utilise holographic technology used for banknotes and passports in order to offer our customers a holographic label with superior quality in terms of both appearance and security. Covert elements can be added to these labels, such as latent images which are only visible with a special detector. Labels can be made to adhere to a huge range of substrates, if necessary drawing on the experience of our group company Toppan TDK Label. We can of course make these labels tamper evident in order to prevent re-use.

anti-counterfeit labels

RFID Crystagram

RFID crystagram

The world’s first combined hologram and RFID tag, the RFID Crystagram utlises the metal area of the hologram as the antenna for the tag. Initially this product was developed using a Hitachi Mu-chip, but we are now able to offer a UHF version.

Key benefits:

  • The high quality Crystagram can be used to check authenticity.
  • The RFID can be used for track and trace.
  • There is a certain amount of flexibility in design which means that the label can enhance the brand image, not detract from it like a traditional RFID tag.
  • If someone tries to remove the label, the Crystagram will break up, therefore also disabling the RFID tag.

Specialist Inks

Invisible ink

Because some items don’t have a flat surface or don’t have enough area on which to adhere a label, security ink can be a good solution. Toppan’s security inks all contain covert security elements which require some sort of basic tool for authentication. The inks could be used to print a serial or model number, but then when they are viewed using the special tools, authentic products can be distinguished from counterfeits. Toppan is able to supply security inks for a wide range of substrates and operating conditions.

For more information on the full range of technologies available, please contact Toppan UK.

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