Design & Branding

Beyond Toppan's excellence in print production, our expertise goes much further; we cover high-quality design, content creation and branding.

Design & Branding

Initial concepts

Powerful marketing tools are like powerful brands – they are dynamic, creative, full of energy and they engage people at an emotional level. We can help you in the early planning stages of your project to create a distinctive personality and unique style right from the start.


Our design service draws on the talents of world-class designers and brand experts. We can take care of all your design needs, from the mechanics and structural elements (no matter how complex) through to graphic design, typography, editorial design and imagery/photography.

Throughout this process, our designers work closely with Toppan’s print production team – swapping ideas, testing techniques, and making sure that there are no costly surprises or delays during the production stages.


Your marketing products are important ambassadors for your company, so it is vital they are designed and produced in a way that helps to reinforce your broader brand values. Our designers are experienced brand experts who can help you with any branding needs you might have.
We would welcome the opportunity of working with you on this.