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Toppan to aquire majority of share of Decotec

2 August 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

Toppan Europe GmbH (hereafter Toppan) is pleased to announce that Financiera Maderera S.A. (hereafter Finsa) and Toppan have reached an agreement to acquire the majority of share of the Spanish décor printing company, Decotec Printing S.A.U. (hereafter Decotec), by Toppan. This has been also approved by Bundeskartellamt and the closing is expected shortly.

 This joint venture is an important step for Decotec’s future as it enables to provide strong synergies in production, design development and technology to the global market.

 The acquisition creates first European manufacturing facility for Toppan and, together with existing network, Toppan will be able to strengthen their activities and services in the global market.

 The change of ownership will not involve any structural changes for the operation at Decotec and the current owner, Finsa, will hold remainder.

In case of any queries, please contact:

Martijn Huisman

Toppan Europe GmbH

Business Director, Spain & Portugal

Tel.: +34 619 27 03 69