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AIPIA member

AIPIA member

Toppan Europe is now a member of AIPIA.

AIPIA's mission is to promote the commercial applications of Active & Intelligent Packaging solutions.

AIPIA believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth, secures protection, enhance efficiency, reduce waste and gain control in sales at end-user level.

Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association is playing a major role in promoting new innovative packaging solutions.

Toppan’s packaging sections make comprehensive proposals, incorporating everything from research and development to design proposals. This can include planning, development and manufacturing of various packaging materials, the development of filling and packaging machinery, contract filling services, and product consulting. Furthermore, since the establishment of Toppan’s Ecology Center in 1991, Toppan has been actively involved in the development of environmentally-friendly products and services, focusing on the product's entire lifecycle based on a 14-point index for evaluating the impact on the environment through such factors as recyclability and resource saving.

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