Food, Medical &  Pharmaceutical Packaging

Toppan is proud to supply its superior films to 3 industries in which the quality of their barrier properties really does ensure the safety of consumers.

Food, Medical &  Pharmaceutical Packaging

High Barrier Films for Food and Medical Packaging: GL Films

The term GL Film refers to a group of transparent barrier film products developed by Toppan, which are made without the use of chlorine resin. Since GL film's launch in 1989, which came about as a result of Toppan's proprietary vapour deposition technology, the product group has been highly praised as a consumer-safe, environmentally friendly packaging material.

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There are many products on the market that at first glance may seem similar, but GL film has a number of properties that make it far superior:

With respect to the environment:

  • It uses no aluminium foil
  • It is chlorine free
  • It doesn’t emit toxic gases when incinerated
  • Recycled materials are used in its production and the product itself can be recycled
  • Pouches made of GL can be used as refills for non-environmentally friendly containers
  • Much lighter than conventional methods of packaging such as jars and cans reducing CO2 emissions from shipping

Benefits for the customer:

  • Excellent barrier properties with respect to oxygen, water vapour etc.
  • Transparency: the product inside can be seen without opening the packaging
  • Temperature and humidity have minimal effect on the barrier properties
  • Easy to print and process
  • Metal detectors can be used during safety checks
  • It can be put in the microwave
  • Much lighter than conventional methods of packaging, such as jars and cans, reducing shipping costs

Toppan's Customers in Europe

Toppan supplies rolls of GL film to packaging converters who in turn supply some of the world's largest food, medical and pharmaceutical companies. Examples of the final products include:

  • Food Industry: Standing pouches and lids for retort and non retort foods.
  • Medical Industry: Primary and secondary for liquid and solid products.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Packaging for vitamins and supplements.

Our customers in the food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging sectors are assured of the quality, safety, and performance that Toppan and the GL film name have come to represent.

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