Ethical Accreditations

We are proud to be one of a handful of printing companies with plants in China audited by worldwide publishers such as Disney and Penguin, and approved by major organisations such as Marks & Spencer.

Ethical Accreditations

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Our employment policies and practices comply with national and international laws and ILO conventions, and in many cases the working conditions in our plants far exceed the requirements of local and national employment laws.

ICTI - The CARE Process

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The CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical) Process is the International Council of Toy Industries' (ICTI) program to promote ethical manufacturing in the form of fair labour treatment and employee health and safety. Its primary focus used to be in the toy industry supply chain in China, but in recent years this code has been adopted by western book publishers to ensure their suppliers operate and uphold good working standards. Its intent is to provide a single, fair, thorough and consistent program to monitor a supplier's compliance with ICTI's Code of Business Practice. Toppan is proud to be accredited by this program and uphold the standards required by it.

OHSAS 18001

Toppan holds the OHSAS 18001 certificate for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Full Accreditation List

For a comprehensive list of the accreditations held by all of our book printing plants, please click here.

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