Environmental Accreditations

Driven by the market’s increasing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, we have taken steps over recent years to ensure Toppan is a leader in this field.

Environmental Accreditations


Responsible paper sourcing

Our factories have FSC chain of custody certification and we operate a management programme to reduce paper wastage.

Responsible Ink Selection

The ink used by the Toppan Group complies with the Eco mark requirement in Japan, and Toppan has also developed environmentally-friendly inks made from recycled soy bean oil. These soy inks meet the requirements of CPSIA, EN-71 and ASTM F983-08. Our factories do not use Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), which has been found to be harmful to the environment.

Energy Recycling

Toppan uses heat produced from our web offset printing machines as an energy source to power air conditioning units within our factories.

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