Printing Facilities

Toppan is a Japanese corporation with publications print facilities throughout Asia.

Printing Facilities

Our factories in China, Hong Kong and Singapore are able to provide high quality printing with competitive pricing for the European and US publishing markets. Toppan is one of the largest exporters of printed material from Asia into Europe and the US. To service this we have sales liaison offices in London, Paris, New York and Sydney.

The London office can be contacted at:
15 Basinghall Street
5th Floor
London, EC2V 5BR
T: +44 (0) 20 7213 0500

The Paris office can be contacted at:
21, Rue Le Peletier
Paris 75009
T: +33 (0) 1 47 70 60 15

Toppan Leefung


Situated in Dongguan, China, this factory has 22 medium size sheet fed presses (Heidelberg and Man Roland), plus approximately 300 hand assembly workers to carry out simple handwork such as slipcases, boxes, packing, added accessories etc. The main product at this factory is conventional illustrated books, children’s picture books and box kits.

Toppan Excel

Excel china

Situated in Panyu (Guangzhou) China, this is a hand assembly factory with approximately 2,000 handworkers, 12 presses (Man Roland, Komori) plus screen printing and flocking facilities. Our specialities here are board books, touch and feel novelty books, pop-ups, jigsaw books, stationery items, books with pull tabs/ flaps etc and many varied accessories. Our technical expertise and knowledge of this market has made Excel a reputable manufacturer synonymous with hand assembled products.

Toppan Hong Kong

HOng kong

Situated in the New Territories, this factory’s web presses produce 60% of the magazines for the domestic Hong Kong market.
The factory is also the largest book manufacturing facility in Hong Kong with 7 sheet fed presses. This facility allows Toppan to print jobs of a sensitive nature which are restricted from being printed and exported from China. A large format semi-automatic binding line enables production of large format books to be carried out completely in house. Maximum TPS is 464x308mm (P).

Toppan Singapore


This facility specializes in securities printing producing passports and many other security related documents. There are also publications and commercial print facilities here, producing magazines for both local and overseas markets, travel guides for two of the biggest travel guide publishers, education books, business directories, brochures, exercise books etc. Toppan is able to offer competitive mono prices from this factory.

There are also digital print facilities here offering print-on-demand services.

Toppan also has factories in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing which predominantly serve China’s domestic market. Using these factories we can offer our European and US customers facilities for printing and distributing within China by utilising the Group’s Chinese domestic print license.

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Tel: +44 20 7213 0500