Group Companies

With over 175 companies in the Toppan Group, we are able to specialise and cater for niche markets while at the same time benefit from economies of scale and years of business experience.

Group Companies


Here is a selection of the major companies in our group, but for a more comprehensive list, please click here

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Established in 1965, Toppan Forms was the first Japanese Company to specialise in business forms. Now firmly established at the leading edge of not only business forms but also the data print services (DPS) industry, it is also working to provide comprehensive information management services (IMS) through a fusion of digital media, IC and other businesses.

froebel-kan Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1907, froebel-kan has been providing children with emotionally-rich creativity and dreams through its publication of children’s books and its involvement in the research and development of childcare goods and teaching products. The company publishes numerous original picture books, including the monthly Kinder Book for nurseries and daycares, and children’s stories based on characters like Anpan Man and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Mapion Co., Ltd.(Japanese)

Mapion is an internet-based map information service, for which thecompany obtained the first business model patent in Japan. Mapion, with over 7 million hits a day and over 6 million visitors a month, is Japan’slargest Internet-based map information service.

Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Shoseki is Japan’s leading textbook publisher and is developing into a general publisher of academic reference books, dictionaries, essays, and educational and other books. Extending beyond printed works, its business development is multifaceted, reaching into areas like educational software creation and the administration of academic and physical fitness tests.

Total Media Development Institute Co., Ltd.(pdf)

Having created exhibit environments for approximately 200 museums, including the National Museum of Ethnology and the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Total Media Development is a leader in the exhibit industry. Total Media Development does more than simply create exhibit environments; it creates customized communication initiatives.

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.

Toyo Ink aims to become one of the world’s top speciality chemical manufacturers. Working from 3 technical foundations, colour and pigment technology, polymer technology and photoelectron material technology, Toyo Ink develops and supplies printing ink, packaging materials and other graphic arts related products, as well as pigments, and functional electronic and other chemical materials.

Toppan TDK Label Co., Ltd.

Toppan TDK Label Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells what could be called the faces of foods and beverages – the labels and stickers that go on packaging. Its products, however, go way beyond labels that simply bear designs and wording. They include multifunction labels (labels that prevent alteration, multi-layer labels, etc.), promotional labels, distribution labels, and other products that perfom unique functions making them sophisticated communication tools unto themselves.

Toppan Cosmo, Inc.

On 1st July 2005, Toppan merged its Industrial Materials Division with Toppan Cosmo, creating a new Toppan Cosmo – a trading company with manufacturing functions. Moving forward, Toppan Cosmo will expand its provision of comfortable living environments by strengthening the combination of its manufacturing functions and trading company capabilities in product development and procurement.

Toppan Prosprint Co., Ltd.(Japanese)

Toppan Prosprint handles everything from the printing of cigarette packages to all manner of commercial printing needs. Its most distinctive product is its original Aluglas®. Aluglas is produced by using vapour deposition to create an exceedingly thin layer of aluminium on a base material such as paper or film. It is widely used for various types of packaging in addition to commercial printed materials.

Toppan Photomasks, Inc.

Toppan Photomasks develops and manufactures photomasks, which are essential for the production of semiconductors.
Toppan Photomasks, Inc was born in April 2005, when Toppan acquired all of the shares of DuPont Photomasks, Inc. Based in Round Rock, Texas, it maintains intimate relationships with customers through a supply structure covering North America, Europe and Asia.